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Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Litigation can often be a lengthy and costly avenue of taking legal action for our clients. That’s why we also offer the option for Alternative Dispute Resolution as a practical way of settling disputes without the need to go through the lengthy processes of a lawsuit. 

From start to finish, we will accompany you in the road to a favorable, if not amicable, end to your dispute. We will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the dispute and listen to your concerns regarding the issue. Based on the specific needs of your case, we will work with you on collecting and appraising evidence and the drafting of legal briefs or motions. During the arbitration proper, we provide steadfast representation on behalf of our clients, and ensure that your rights and interests are protected. We work with the arbitrator and , if the situation calls for it, reach out to the opposing party to help facilitate a just and efficient resolution.

We believe that the best outcomes are often achieved through collaborative means; as such, our dedicated team of lawyers and staff focus on diplomatic rather than combative approaches to mediation and arbitration. Inciso Law Office’s priority is always the client’s long-term well-being; as such, we believe that reducing the chances of future disputes and lawsuits is part of the service we render.

Inciso Law Office provides you with legal representation with a sharp focus on rational, pragmatic solutions tempered by empathy and compassion. We offer services in a wide range of practice areas under Philippine law

Our methodology involves building trust through proactive solution-seeking and responsive consultation, listening to your case’s unique needs and finding the necessary means to fulfill them. With Inciso Law Offices, you can rest assured that your interests will be represented by an insightful and dependable legal team. Test

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