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Litigation involves initiating or responding to legal action, collecting and assessing the viability of evidence, filing motions and appeals to the court, and representing one’s interests in court. Our lawyers possess the experience and expertise to help you navigate through every step of the litigation process, and will be with you all the way from preparation and consultation before the pre-trial, all the way to the court hearings until the resolution of the case. We prioritize looking at the big picture and deftly strategizing in order to build a stable, unyielding base for your legal interests, then leveraging that foundation into a favorable outcome.

We know that litigation can be a disruptive and draining experience for our clients, and so our firm is committed to advocating for your interests at every stage of the procedure, finding long-term solutions that benefit all involved parties, as well as avoiding protracted legal sieges.

Our law office also provides assistance in seeking Alternative Dispute Resolutions if avoiding a full-on lawsuit would be ideal, the information of which is in another section of our website. However, if a lawsuit is indeed unavoidable, you can be certain that we will do everything in our means to handle the technical and legal aspects of the litigation process for you.

Inciso Law Office provides you with legal representation with a sharp focus on rational, pragmatic solutions tempered by empathy and compassion. We offer services in a wide range of practice areas under Philippine law

Our methodology involves building trust through proactive solution-seeking and responsive consultation, listening to your case’s unique needs and finding the necessary means to fulfill them. With Inciso Law Offices, you can rest assured that your interests will be represented by an insightful and dependable legal team. Test

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