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Litigation is the process of taking or responding to legal action in order to resolve a civil or criminal dispute or claim. Our lawyers are adept litigators, and will carefully guide you through the process.

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Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

We provide service and legal advice for clients seeking Alternative Dispute Resolution or arbitration if an out-of-court resolution is viable and desired. Our counsel is geared towards amicable mediation and arbitration, long-term conflict resolution, and avoidance of extended full-blown lawsuits.

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Labor relations often become strained in today’s job market. Whether you are an employee or an employer, our team is prepared to help you reach a fair and just conclusion to legal issues you face in the workplace as well as write airtight contracts and agreements.

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Corporate and Special Projects

The landscape of corporate law can be risky and daunting without a legal expert to lead the way. Our team is able to assist you in avoiding common legal pitfalls in forming and operating business entities, as well as special projects such as partnerships and mergers.

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Intellectual Property

In today’s rapidly changing digital age, protecting one’s intellectual property is becoming more vital for your business. We can help you avoid roadblocks in registering, maintaining, and enforcing your intellectual property rights and other related legal issues.

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E-Commerce and Technology

Operating one’s business online has become much more important for enterprises to survive in a post-Covid world. We can help you navigate that unique digital territory as well as set up and enforce legal safeguards to your data privacy and cybersecurity

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Tax and Estate Planning

Our pragmatic approach to legal service will allow you to plan ahead so that you can minimize and manage your tax implications and smoothly sail through high-value transactions. We also offer assistance in estate planning and the intricate legal challenges that can arise from it.

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Immigration and Naturalization

Procuring documents for travel and immigration can be an arduous process. We can help lighten your burden and ease your journey by advising you on the processes of acquiring and renewing visas as well as citizenship and residency.

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Risk and Crisis Management

Modern industries can be treacherously dynamic, and one crucial mistake could put your reputation, livelihood, or organization in dire straits.. Whether in preparation for a crisis or when already under fire, we are equipped to help you assess and mitigate damage, rebuild, and take preventative measures for the future.

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Inciso Law Office provides you with legal representation with a sharp focus on rational, pragmatic solutions tempered by empathy and compassion. We offer services in a wide range of practice areas under Philippine law

Our methodology involves building trust through proactive solution-seeking and responsive consultation, listening to your case’s unique needs and finding the necessary means to fulfill them. With Inciso Law Offices, you can rest assured that your interests will be represented by an insightful and dependable legal team. Test

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